Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a typical client at Capstone?

We serve families with college-bound students – focusing first on education funding, and then folding in retirement planning and investment management. We also advise on basic tax and estate planning (although we are NOT licensed accountants or attorneys).

Rather than dedicate their own time, energy, and money, our clients prefer to delegate to a financial advisor who relies on sound academically-based strategies, leverages technology for your convenience, and proactively communicates.

Who is not a good client for Capstone?

If you are looking for hot stock tips, we’re not the right place.

If you expect us to know how to “time the market”, we’re not the right place.

If you demand 300-page cash flow plans prior to every financial decision, we’re not the right place.

If you aren’t comfortable with technology (like having your plan presented on an HDTV, receiving eStatements, or using your Personal Financial Website), then we are probably not the right place for you.

However, if none of these sound like you, then we’d love to talk to you!

You say you're Fee-Only. What exactly does that mean?

Being Fee-Only means that we are paid solely and directly by our clients for the financial planning and investment management advice we provide. We do not accept sales commissions, incentives, bonuses, kickbacks, or any other type of special incentive. Knowing this, you can be assured that we are providing prudent, unbiased recommendations to you at all times.

You can learn more about our fees by visiting our Pricing Page.

Why don't you offer hourly planning?

While this is an appealing option for some, we simply don’t care for the idea of being “on the clock”, neither as a client nor as an advisor. And since delivering financial advice to you is an ongoing process that requires constant adjustments in order to be successful, we believe our subscription-based pricing makes the most sense.

I see that Capstone is located in Dublin, Ohio. Do I need to live in the area to become a client?

Not necessarily. It really depends if you think you’d be comfortable working remotely with your financial advisor. We certainly are not strangers to the idea, and we have the technology in place specifically to facilitate this type of relationship.

We currently serve clients in 10+ states, including those as far away as Florida and California.

If Capstone manages my investments, where is my money kept?

This a great question, especially after the likes of the Madoff scandal. Depending upon your needs, your investment accounts will be held at one of our qualified custodians:

  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity
  • Trade-PMR

You will receive monthly statements, tax documents, and direct online access from your custodian.

Will you have direct access to my money?


However, in order to manage your investments appropriately, you’ll be required to sign off on a commonly used Limited Power of Attorney as part of your advisory agreement. This provides us with “investment discretion” and allows us to trade and manage your account on your behalf.

However, transactions such as contributions, transfers, and withdrawals can never be executed without your express written authorization.

Do you provide debt management plans?


If you are struggling to keep up with monthly debt payments, such as your mortgage, car loan, or credit cards, then you probably need to seek a debt counselor, not a financial advisor. We suggest visiting the National Foundation for Credit Counseling to learn more and locate one of their debt management partners.

How do I get started?


Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call with a team member. We’ll talk about the financial topics that are important to you, and explore what it’s like to work with our firm. You’ll have absolutely no obligation to hire us whatsoever.

Not quite ready for a meeting? No hard feelings –– subscribe to get our latest updates and insights.

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